Welcome to the 4th Annual

Keaton Barrón Charity Classic!

Keaton loved golf.  He started golfing with his daddy at age three, and it became one of his favorite pastimes.  His meticulous nature, patience, and maturity made him a natural.  He understood the game and wanted to learn.  Plus hanging out with his dad, and often his grandpa and uncle, made it extra special.  Unfortunately, Keaton was not able to golf nearly as often as he would have liked due to grueling treatment schedules and a compromised immune system.  However, if he had the opportunity to be "out in the world," golfing was top on his list.  


The goal of this tournament is to honor Keaton's love of golf as well as raise money to improve treatment and research and work toward finding a cure for childhood cancer, which steals the childhoods of so many incredible children like Keaton.  These children deserve a chance at life, a chance to be normal kids,  enjoy their childhoods, and grow up with their families.  Keaton's Kindness Foundation is committed to doing whatever we can to help these precious children beat cancer!